Evolution Of Horse Racing and Gambling

Of these horses used them for livelihood undertakings intensively. Horses were also used for hunting and fun rides, for mounted police watch, for ceremonies and special undertakings. Horseracing emerged as a popular sport in the English territory when Thoroughbred stallions arrived with the English knights from the Crusades. Since then the use of these stallions were frequently used . These horses overall shape and built and its body parts , and its skeleton gave a picture of its origin and breed.

It was found out that bones which were fine and long could run fast and swiftly to become a potential racehorse. They had been long trusted way back when the knights rode them to battles where strong and swift horses could do body maneuvers at the flick of the reins.

One of the oldest sport is horseracing. The noble men and the elite were the first clients of horse racing. Horseracing was a pastime. The hunters used them with incredible speed. for their fox hunting games. Sniffing dogs lead the pack of hunters and when the smell of a fox is sensed the temp or pace of the hunt goes into full gear . The horses gallop in big strides. It wasn’t long when the pastime activity turned to a sport game. Betting became a natural thing to do. Bets were placed on horses that were thought to be a potential winner. The combination of boldness and stamina and the ability to stay on active for a long period of time and power were attributes bettors looked for in a horse.

Queen Anne’s contribution to horseracing was phenomenal. The obsession was at its highest form. This led to the legalization of match racing as it paved the way for modern racing.. The prices on the large purses began to attract the best horses. All over England racetracks began to sprout. This trend paved the way for people to organize themselves and monitor policies. The Jockey Club was formed to define qualitative racing and assign certain races to give it a mark of excellence. Horses which were three years old were allowed to race. This was with the rule that only three races were allowed for such colts and the fillies which were female horses. There was a display of horses at the Guinness of 2000 , the English Triple Crown and the St. Leger Stakes. In fact, there were also races open only to female races.

To this day horseracing has become a sport to beat. As trainers became more experienced the sport gave excitement and gave the government a responsibility to monitor it well as the sport gave a profit for public projects.

As it is a common practice, bets must be placed upon considering the horses qualities. Never bet when tips are colored with deceit. Look around for legit magazines and bet on origin, lineage, breed, age and characteristics that excel in the system of the horse. The horses race to finish the length of the track.

Results are judged on photos taken to authenticate the veracity of a win. This photograph is used especially if the race is tight and close. The photo may be the final determinant in cases difficult to resolve. Who knows the last long stride and gallop with the assistance of the jockey made the difference for that most important event…What a dash.