Pick 5 Lottery Maximize Your Long Term Winnings

Let me give you some basic tips on how to win more in the pick 5 lottery game. There are certain number combinations that every player wants to avoid. When playing this game, you can’t expect to win if you continuously go with rare number combinations. So, how do you know which numbers are most likely to be drawn?

You will need to do a little work here. You will need to review the winning numbers drawn for the last 30 to 60 drawings to assess the frequency that certain numbers appear. The most regularly drawn numbers are the ones that you should use in your future pick 5 lottery selections.

You should not rely on all prime numbers, all consecutive numbers, birth dates, special dates associated with memorable occasions, or all even or all odd combinations when selecting pick 5 lottery numbers. A lot of people make this mistake and find that when they do win many others have picked exactly the same numbers and so their winnings are less.

Another way that people make a mistake when selecting pick 5 lottery numbers is follow certain patterns when they are making their selections. For example, people often choose all the numbers that appear in a vertical line on the selection ticket, or all the numbers that appear in a horizontal or diagonal line.

This is a poor pick 5 system and the chances of winning pick 5 by using this system are equally poor. In reality, the numbers are drawn are numbers which appear across the range of numbers available, so by only selecting from half, or even a third, of them, then you are significantly reducing the chances of picking a winning selection.

You can verify this by analyzing the pick 5 numbers previously drawn in the last 30 to 60 drawings yourself. Take some time to visit one of the official pick 5 lottery websites, access the previous winning numbers, and find out which numbers come up most frequently. You will quickly realize that there are no straight line, horizontal, vertical, or diagonal patterns amongst the combinations of winning numbers.

When deciding on your pick 5 strategy, maintain balance the number or odd and even numbers that you choose. Ensure that the numbers you select are an even mix of single-digit and double digit numbers. Doing so will give you the best possible chance of winning money.