The Rake

In the case you are professional online poker player, probably you have heard about the rakeback deals. In the case you are less informed or not so professional poker player, you could ask a question about what the rakeback is. For the beginning it is needed to understand what the rake is. In common sense the rake is the way of making money for the online poker websites. During the case game the house takes a certain percentage of each hand for itself. This percentage is called the ‘rake’ and it could vary from one site to another, but as a rule it is about 5 per cent of the pot.

Traditionally, every online poker website track how much every poker player pays every month and in the event the poker payer signed up via the affiliate poker website, that affiliate website is paid a certain percentage for brining the poker player to the online poker website.

Today there is a great competition not only between online poker websites, but also between affiliate poker website. Due to this, affiliate websites try to give a large percentage of that money back to the poker players. This scheme is called ‘rakeback’. It stimulates poker players to sign up and play the poker through the affiliate poker website instead of going directly to the online poker website or another affiliate website.

In the event you do not understand all above mentioned properly, there is an example. Den decides that he is going to play some online poker at YYY poker website. Then he managed to find the affiliate who offers his 30 per cent rakeback there. It means that the affiliate poker website pay Den 30 per cent of the total sum of money YYY poker website charges him to play each month.

Here you may wonder why the rakeback is so important in the case you just want to have some fun playing the poker.

Online poker websites traditionally take the rake automatically and the majority of poker players even do not know that they are being charged. The most poker players do not understand how much of the effect rake has on their play. While playing you need to beat not just all your opponents in the game, but also the rake. A poker player who wins the money on the case there is no rake ends up being a losing poker players after factoring in the house fee.

With the help of the rakeback, a lot of poker players who were losing players are turned into profitable winning poker players. In the event you are a winning poker player, with the rakeback you have the great opportunity to increase your winnings.

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